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O boy – Interview with Sydney Albertini

Series Overview

Movement Drawings : Women Series

These instantaneous life-size narratives depict the close weaving of movement and time. The continuous focused line drawing of a body in motion is made tangible by painted colorful patterns. The patterns follow their own abstract movement as it hides and reveals the body. The power of the line and the power of color moving at their own pace create a sense of time that seems to be suspended in reality. It is this balance of color and line, abstraction and figurative and motion and repetition that defines and characterizes each one of these multi (from diptychs to 20 piece serie) paneled drawings.

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Botanical Series

The Botanical series evokes all that is extraordinary in this world. Flora holds constant mystery for me as it embodies strength and beauty in the most complex ways while simultaneously offering immediate aesthetic pleasure for the eye. All pieces are narratives of space based on the tight relationship between each element weaving movement, shape, and color. They are entirely imagined and inspired by my recollection of walks and road trips. The patterns, the combination of colors, and the intermingling shapes represent this complex yet beautiful phenomenon of plant life.

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Tristan Hoare Gallery

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Process / Ready 3, 2017, Collage and oil and charcoal on paper, 66 x 48 in.

Exhibition History and Links

Exhibition History

2018 Ashawagh Hall, Sky Diary, East Hampton, NY

2018 Private venue curated by Peter Dayton, Frankenstein, Sag Harbor, NY

2018 Parrish Art Museum, Five and Forward, Southampton, NY

2018 Julien David, Sydney Albertini, Tokyo, Japan

2017 Ashawagh Hall, A Visual Textile Diary part 1, East Hampton, NY

2017 Duck Creek Arts center, This Woman’s Work, East Hampton, NY

2016 Jacks carriage House, Heads, Amagansett, NY

2015 Lazy Point Gallery, Above and Beyond, Amagansett, NY

2014 Flynn gallery, Albertini + Spillman, Greenwich, CT

2013 Parrish Road Show, ...and also I have no idea, Amagansett, NY

2012 Ille Arts gallery, Stuffed and other feelings, Amagansett, NY

2011 Ashawagh Hall, In Between and Around, East Hampton, NY

2011 Ille Arts gallery, ...and now for something completely different, Amagansett, NY

2011 French Institute, Ephemere, NewYork, NY

2010 Ashawagh Hall, Small works, East Hampton, NY

2010 Private venue, O Joy, New York, NY

2010 Ashawagh Hall, Recent Works, East Hampton, NY