As far back as I can remember people’s behavior has fascinated me. Perhaps this deep curiosity into behavioral science how we interact in society comes from my family line of psychiatrists. 

My needing to constantly customize my surroundings is an attempt to being fully visible. To build my world into a visual landscape and to explore the genesis behind the visual outputs in order to understand and further the conversation between society and my being in it as an individual and as a component of society. I have a natural attraction towards what society calls women’s craft. As self-taught in fiber arts, I have no boundaries on mediums and techniques. I am an “add-on” artist, from knitting to quilting, clay, and wood, from the technique to the narrative no piece stands alone. Every new series of work is part of a thematic conversation where each work is a word in a confessional dialogue.

The pieces are both two-dimensional in the form of large painted drawings, embroideries quilts, and weavings and three-dimensional with a focus on traditional fiber techniques such as knits and fabrics as well as wood and ceramic. They have a focus on color, movement, and ongoing research on relationships both strictly visual ( flat versus volume and the depiction of time ) and emotional (man versus woman, individual versus society). In my world of meaningful play with its self-imposed rules each series of pieces is never quite closed as the work is symbiotic to my living.